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The Grand Adventure

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Grand Adventure: Fully embark on the adventure with our complete set of flavors.

Since our sample packs are already discounted, most coupon codes cannot be applied. 

Archer – Strawberry. Sweet Cream. Toasted Coconut.
This twist on a classic is right on target. A harmonious mix of succulent strawberries and sweet cream sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes.
77% VG

Fireside – Apple. Cinnamon. Fritter.
Gather 'round the campfire for something nice. Phenomenal fresh-made fritters filled full of apples and cinnamon spice.
80% VG

Pioneer – Caramel. Tobacco. Vanilla.
Boldly explore uncharted territory. An incredibly smooth RY4 styled tobacco - extra vanilla and caramel - layered with baked-good notes.
75% VG

Rogue – Melon. Blackberry. Peach.
Let your mischief run wild. This tantalizing medley of mouthwatering and refreshing fruits stands for itself. 
77% VG

Summit – Vanilla Custard. Maple. Brown Sugar.
Reach the pinnacle of vaping. A delectable blend of custard, vanilla, and cream accompanied by the earthy sweet notes of maple and brown sugar.
70% VG

Woodsman – Homemade Ice Cream. Almond. Bourbon Syrup.
A dessert flavor made for the rugged individual. Homemade ice cream topped with toasted almonds and a divine caramel bourbon syrup.
75% VG  

Available in 60mL bottles only.

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