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About OR33

Portland, our wonderful home


O R .   T H I R T Y   T H R E E

Established in 2016, OR33 was created as a collaborative effort between four pioneers of the Portland, Oregon vapor industry. The name is an homage to Oregon, the thirty-third state admitted to the Union. On the surface, OR33 crafts e-liquid inspired by the Pacific Northwest, while our roots are grounded in embracing adventure, exploration, and creativity. We find it important to remember each day is a clean slate to forge our own path in this grand adventure that is life. To realize there is so much life offers for us to explore - from our hobbies, interests, and passions, to the great outdoors. We believe in encouraging and supporting creativity - from creating what’s tangible, like art, music, or even e-liquid, to the more abstract, such as meaning, joy, and new possibilities.

We all face busy existences filled with responsibilities, obligations, demands, and countless distractions. It’s vital to slow down, take a few deep breathes, and appreciate the world around us. In that moment - let go, smile, and be joyful. When there is more joy in our lives, there is a deeper feeling of gratitude and a life of adventure waiting to be found. We want everyone to have a sense of fulfillment while discovering, or continuing on, their own unique path. And no matter the path, know that you can always create adventure.


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